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What are people saying about VRZ Consulting?

"Valerie has a wonderful knack for taking complex service challenges and breaking them down into manageable pieces so that people at any level can understand.  Her presentation style is easy, clear and never intimidating.  She leaves the audience looking forward to the next session with her."

Phil Dyskow, Former President of Yamaha Outboard Marine

"I worked with Valerie on a video shoot in Florida, and we had the time of our lives!  She's smart, telegenic, and absolutely charming - and she's got what it takes under the hood as well.  She's a real powerhouse.  I recommend Valerie without reservation and would jump at the chance to work with her again.

Orvel Ray Wilson CSP, Guerrilla Selling Speaker and Author, The Guerrilla Group

"What an amazing teacher Valerie is.  She taught the class in two days what I have been striving to learn in 17 years.  Her insight and know how was amazing.  She kept the class entertained while teaching us how to make a profitable service department."

Heather Lange, Manager at Nelson's Speed Shop

"Valerie is one of the most delightful and professional people I have ever worked with in my 34 years representing Tom Hopkins.  Her attitude of servitude and attention to detail are unparalleled.  I look forward to working with her on more projects in the future."

Judy Slack,VP of Business Development & Content Manager at Tom Hopkins International

"Valerie has taken Yamaha Marine University from something required to something that dealers eagerly want to be involved with.  The curriculum she develops is filled with cutting edge 'Golden Nuggets' that dealers can easily apply.  Her style of training development is fun, engaging and delivers results."

Martin Peters, Manager of Communications and Dealer Education for Yamaha Motors USA

"Valerie conducted a Service Management workshop for AMTECH at the National Marine Service Expo.  Her depth of knowledge in this field was amazing.  Her workshops were filled to capacity and her reviews were excellent.  I hope to have her back as a regular contributor to our program."

Joe De Marco, President at Nautical Software

"Valerie is a true professional, deeply knowledgable and always willing to go the extra mile.  The value of her work is truly priceless."

Jim Sabia, Dealer Principal at Top Notch Marine

"Valerie is one of the most innovative and prolific curriculum developers that I have ever seen in my thirty-five years in the automotive and marine business.  Her expertise as a facilitator inspires individuals to excel, and energizes organizations to rise to new levels of performance and professionalism."

John Higgins, CRM and Loyalty Manager at Volkswagen of America, Inc

"In the ten years I managed her as a trainer at Chrysler, Valerie continually demonstrated high levels of enthusiasm, professionalism and product & process knowledge.  She applies innovation and energy in her training in ways that make service and parts training topics come alive with credibility, legitimacy and real-world application."

Patrick Karbon, HRD at Oakland University

"You are awesome Valerie - Thank you so much!  You are in a league of your own!"

Robert Diaz, Manager at Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Marine Boat Center