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Let us customize a program to fit your exact needs.  Some of our most requested topics include:
  • Fixed First Visit
  • Boat Show Best Practices
  • Service Profitability
  • Parts Profitability
  • Taking Your Shop to the Next Level
  • Taking Your Sales to the Next Level
  • Scheduling
  • ​​Conflict Resolution
  • Process Mapping...

Articles, Forms and Training Tools

At VRZ we are always searching out "Golden Nugget" best practices that have helped others be more profitable, create higher customer loyalty and reduce workplace stress. 

Many of these tools are available to you free of charge! We'd like to thank everyone who has shared these with us.  If you have a best practice to share, please drop us a note on the "Contact Us" page.

About Us


Valerie Ziebron bought her first car at the age of 14.  That 1967 Dodge Coronet 440 took her through high school and college shop classes and eventually helped to launch her career.  Through studying and comparing hundreds of dealerships across North America, VRZ specializes on what stores can do to maximize their resources, specifically their people, processes, space and location. 

Chances are, there are other businesses that are similar to yours.  You work the same hours, offer the same product and services and have similar seasonality and customer bases.  Yet, some stores are so much more profitable than others. 

We help your team figure out why - and what you can do about it.

Training, Consulting and Events