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"Your team raised the bar for our boat show!  They did a far better job of training our staff than we were capable of doing.  It's been a good value for us, THANK YOU!"

Tom Mack

South Shore Marine

You can count on our team to be:

* Friendly and Engaging

* On Time and Prepared

* Team Players

* Dependable

* Interested in Reaching Your Goals and Objectives

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Promotional Staffingthrough VRZ is easy and effective.  We select talent that is hardworking, professional and passionate about enjoying the outdoor lifestyle.  You don't have to try to get them excited about boats, bikes, skis and more - they've been enjoying them for years!

What we can do:

* Professional Narration Services

* Greeters

* Product Specialists

* Voice Over

* Phone Campaigns

* Advocacy

* Promotional Modeling

* Bi-Lingual Talent Available