4 Keys to Write-Up Success

by Carrie Stacey

 1.     Work only one RO at a time.

  • All ROs/job sheets should come back to a central repository, whatever the nature of the system; RO, job sheet, paper, electronic, etc.; and the Service writer works only 1 at a time.  Creating secondary desk “piles” of paper ROs to be worked always results in problems-inevitably important documentation is lost, and delays in completion occur.

2.     Always work the RO as the jobs are completed. 

  • Waiting until multiple jobs are done and then working an RO creates measurement and tracking problems in the interim as well as an overwhelming write-up when it is done.  As well, information can get lost when a job takes some time.

3.     Always provide an explanation of work completed

  • Customers need to feel like they got their money’s worth and Service is selling a black box.

  • Without writing an essay, tell the customer what was performed on their unit.  “Fixed” and a bill for a $1000 isn’t going to win any favorable google reviews. 

  •  Most software copes well with standard jobs so the write-up can be pre-written. 

  •  If a customer came in with their own point of view or personal diagnosis – treat it as a question and answer why that was or was not the problem.

  •  Always read it back to the customer when he picks up his unit so he knows what you did

4.     Always try to provide recommendations that will bring the customer back to the dealership in the future, and diarize a call back to remind them of that next work needed.


 4 Keys to Write-Up Success

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